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So you’re travelling through South America, sleeping in your car, eating in your car, loving and hating in… your car of course. You enjoy this never ending roadtrip and your vagabond life without noticing how weird creature you become so… here I’am, with my helping hand. Please read the list below to check if it’s not too late for you to back to the normal civilized life. A cozy couch and new TV won’t wait for you forever! Don’t miss your last chance! You’re on a roadtrip in South America for too long if… Cleaning dishes by toilet paper isn’t […]

43 Signs You’re on a Roadtrip in South America for ...

Bolivia was our first stop in South America. Actually, I don’t know if I should call two months long road trip a stop. We drove through the entire West part of this amazing country- from the South to the Northern borderlands. I would be lying if I said that was an easy journey. It wan’t easy at all because of harsh climate (very low temperatures at night, even -20 °C, gusty winds scattering sand in the eyes and burning sun), thin air without enough oxygen (we were rarely below 4,000 meters during this trip), terrible roads and even worse, local drivers (once we had […]

20 Pictures to Show You the Beauty of Bolivia

There are some places in the world, that as long as you don’t see them with your own eyes, you can’t believe they’re real. The Rainbow Mountains in Peru, are for sure one of them. Are they photoshopped? – I couldn’t stop asking myself while I was watching the pictures of this incredible 7 Colors Mountains, so there was no other solution- I had to check it by my own and… I have to tell you that I wasn’t disappointed at all. They are truly magical! As most of the information about getting to Vinicunca – The Rainbow Mountain, that you […]

1 Day Self-guided Trip to Rainbow Mountain in Peru

After you reach 4500m, making every single move becomes a challenge. You have to focus on inhaling and exhaling, force yourself to breathe and to make a step. Small step, baby step, next step. You don’t think about anything else, just to breathe and to move your heavy legs. You don’t feel the cold, you don’t t feel the wind throwing wet snow in your face, you don’t feel a little stone which imperceptibly slipped into your shoe, you don’t feel thirst. You feel rock-hard muscles and heart palpitations. You’re wading forward at a snail’s pace, trying to control your nervous breath and prevent your […]

My first 5000 m – Tunupa Volcano – Salar de ...

I did it! I climbed Rinjani (3726m) in a one day (starting from 1100m). Without guide, porter and without sleep. It was 20 hours of hiking! I’ve never been so tired, dirty and… proud of myself. Impossible doesn’t exsist! Let’s keep in touch! Follow my adventures on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Rinjani volcano – cause Lombok it’s not only about beaches

My dear friends, followers and new visitors from all around the world: the time is now! After four years of blogging in Polish, I’m starting to write about my adventures in English. I hope you will enjoy and won’t be too serious about my small (or big?) language mistakes. For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve prepared a short introduction below. Welcome to The Real Gone blog- the English version of popular Polish travel blog Pojechana.pl – Blog of The Year 2014 by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Let’s get to know each other! My name is Aleksandra Świstow (you […]

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