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Bolivia was our first stop in South America. Actually, I don’t know if I should call two months long road trip a stop. We drove through the entire West part of this amazing country- from the South to the Northern borderlands. I would be lying if I said that was an easy journey. It wan’t easy at all because of harsh climate (very low temperatures at night, even -20 °C, gusty winds scattering sand in the eyes and burning sun), thin air without enough oxygen (we were rarely below 4,000 meters during this trip), terrible roads and even worse, local drivers (once we had to run after one, cause the rickety door of his truck crashed the mirror in our car. We’ve caught him but what could we do? How much money for your lost you can ask from a man who has nothing?), no hot water or lack of water in general, monotonous diet and mostly very suspicious, withdrawn people. But I would love to go back there even today! To get cold, complain about the food and grieved that no one (well, almost) doesn’t return my smile. Again and again. Why? Why did I fell in love with this grim country? Because of endless deserts, magical colors of nature and landscapes like from another planet. And all effort we had to put in this trip, made us appreciate the beauty of Bolivia even more. Those 20 photos below, will show you a bit of this beauty. But be careful, they will make you want to visit Bolivia, see Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve with pink, green and white lagunas, Sajama National Park with covered with snow volcanoes, Lake Titicaca and truly magical Solar de Uyuni.

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