Bolivia was our first stop in South America. Actually, I don’t know if I should call two months long road trip a stop. We drove through the entire West part of this amazing country- from the South to the Northern borderlands. I would be lying if I said that was an easy journey. It wan’t easy at all because of harsh climate (very low temperatures at night, even -20 °C, gusty winds scattering sand in the eyes and burning sun), thin air without enough oxygen (we were rarely below 4,000 meters during this trip), terrible roads and even worse, local drivers (once we had […]

20 Pictures to Show You the Beauty of Bolivia

After you reach 4500m, making every single move becomes a challenge. You have to focus on inhaling and exhaling, force yourself to breathe and to make a step. Small step, baby step, next step. You don’t think about anything else, just to breathe and to move your heavy legs. You don’t feel the cold, you don’t t feel the wind throwing wet snow in your face, you don’t feel a little stone which imperceptibly slipped into your shoe, you don’t feel thirst. You feel rock-hard muscles and heart palpitations. You’re wading forward at a snail’s pace, trying to control your nervous breath and prevent your […]

My first 5000 m – Tunupa Volcano – Salar de ...